Bolted Tank Coatings

Glass Fused to Steel Water Storage TankBolted Steel Tank Coatings come in three different types:

ECO-973 Thermosetting Epoxy Coating

The Thermosetting Epoxy Coating applied to tank panels at the factory, providing the best corrosion resistance, immersion performance as well as outstanding flow, impact and abrasion resistance. The epoxy coating has stood the test of time, proving its ability to withstand varying temperatures and materials in liquid and dry bulk storage with minimal maintenance and cost. It allows the bolted steel tanks to meet AWWWA (American Water Works Association) and NFPA-22 (National Fire Protection Association) standards for drinking water, fire protection and many other commercial and industrial tank uses and applications

Glass Lined Steel – Vitreous Enamel

In the enameling furnace the vitreous enamel powder coated steel sheets are heated to a temperature at which the enamel powder melts thus forming a corrosion resistant fusion with the surface of the metal. This glasslike, extremely resistant enamel coating permanently protects the steel surface. Glass lined tanks are shock resistant, abrasion proof, scratch resistant, stain resistant, hygienic surface, temperature resistant and are not flammable.

Stainless Steel

Bolted Stainless Steel tanks are durable, attractive and highly resistant to corrosion. They have a life expectancy of over 40 years. Due to their stainless steel design, they do not have to be repainted re-welded. Stainless Steel bolted tanks are watertight and very resistant to cold climates. Since there is no coating to scratch, chip or wear off, stainless steel is an exceptional choice for severe environmental situations.

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