Aluminum Dome Roofs

Installing an Aluminum Dome RoofGeodesic domes are fully triangulated, spherical, space frame structure and are designed to be self-supporting. Primary horizontal thrust is contained by an integral tension ring. The framework is covered with attractive non-corrugated aluminum panels.

Maintenance-Free: The aluminum alloys utilized in the manufacture of the Geodesic Domes have a proven history of being weather resistant even in some of the harshest environments around the world. This virtually eliminates the need for periodic maintenance or coatings. UIG’s Geodesic Domes will remain virtually maintenance-free for the life of the structure.

 Superior Engineering: Each dome utilizes the most modern computer technology with an interactive matrix analysis program to check 16 different loading combinations to ensure safety and integrity under all loading conditions.

Design Versatility: The Geodesic Domes can also be custom engineered for the customer’s individual structure. The self-supporting design allows maximum overhead space utilization and provides interference-free operation for such
equipment as floating roofs. In fact, the aspect ratio of the dome can be changed from very flat for a low profile to very high to allow more clearance.

In addition, a wide range of accessories such as vents, skylights, dormers, hatches, foam connections, etc. are available to meet the customer’s needs.

Geodesic Dome Roof Advantages

• Geodesic Domes keep rain and snow from entering the tank and contaminating the product.
• Eliminates the need for disposal of contaminated water due to ingress past seals or through leaky drains
• Prevents corrosion of the steel roof by eliminating standing water.
• Protects the coating system by sheltering it from the elements
• Protects the existing seals from ultraviolet and other environmental hazards.
• The all-aluminum construction provides a virtually maintenance-free structure.
• The extremely strong yet lightweight design will add minimal weight to existing foundations that may not be designed for excessive loads.
• It can be built on the ground and lifted into place or built directly on the existing floating roof and winched into place.

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