Bolted Steel Tanks

Epoxy Bolted Water Storage TanksBolted Steel Tanks commonly the choice for use in commercial, municipal and industrial applications.

They are used to store a wide variety of materials from water, to chemicals, to food and in dry bulk storage silos. Bolted Tanks can be designed to hold just a few thousand gallons to many millions of gallons and are available in epoxy coated carbon steel, stainless steel and glass lined steel.

Bolted Tanks provide safe, dependable, and economical storage of liquid and dry bulk products.

They are used for the storage of crude oil, vegetable oils, drilling fluids, mud, waste water, biofuels, ethanol, distillates and more. They are preferred by the petroleum and biofuels industries because, unlike welded tanks, they are easy and inexpensive to erect. Also, because no flame of any kind is required during erection operations, they can be erected without the danger of fire within the farm tank area. The biggest advantages of choosing a bolted steel tank is the cost savings over welded storage tanks. This is due to its pre-engineered components, quick production methods and simple, fast and efficient tank installation in the field. The speed of assembly far exceeds construction time compared to welded steel tanks or fiberglass field installed tanks. All bolted steel tanks are designed to utilized panels which are easily bolted together in the field. Bolted tanks are erected using a jacking system which buildings the tank from the top down, alleviating the need for any heavy machinery and allowing installation in nearly any kind of weather. The rolled, tapered panel design allows flexibility in the field. Also the option of replacing panels when needed to add extra manholes, nozzles or other fixtures as necessary and allowing the owner to expand the panels to allow for additional capacity in the tank.

Each tank is engineered and fabricated in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API), International Building Code IBC standards covering material dimensions and strengths and AWWA D103-97 (American Water Works Association) Standards. All steel sheets and plates conform to the specified gauge thickness. The epoxy coating has stood the test of time, proving its ability to withstand varying temperatures and materials in liquid and dry bulk storage with minimal maintenance and cost. It allows the bolted steel tanks to meet AWWWA (American Water Works Association) and NFPA-22 (National Fire Protection Association) standards for drinking water, fire protection and many other commercial and industrial tank uses and applications.

UIG Tanks carbon steel bolted tanks comes with a RTP Design (roll-tapered flat panel)and arrives with our ECO-973 coating, a thermosetting fusion bonded powder coated epoxy that has excellent corrosion resistance to a wide range of hydrocarbons, sour crude oils, brines, alkalis, hydrogen sulfide vapors and oilfield-produced water. This coating has also been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a non-contaminating coating suitable for storage of potable liquids. UIG Tanks also offers stainless steel bolted tanks and glass lined bolted tanks.

UIG Tanks bolted tanks are widely used as firewater tanks, for many of the reasons above – ease and low cost of installation and because they do not require field welding or painting.

All of these features add up to superior long-term storage value, quick turnaround time for new installations or replacement tank projects

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